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Amazon, Google, Shopify and CIBC share split

Amazon(AMZN), Alphabet(GOOG) Shopify(SHOP) and CIBC(CM) have all announced that they will be splitting their shares. What does that mean exactly? Well each company will be giving you a certain amount of shares depending on how many shares you currently hold. That also means that the share price will be divided by how many shares they…

4 Canadian Power and Utility companies to watch in 2022

When you talk about Canadian power companies you pretty much have to also talk about them as utility companies as well. If that doesn’t strike you as being a good investment then i’m not sure anything ever will. That is especially true when you are talking about the likes of Atco Group(ACO.X non-voting shares), Fortis…

Market Pull Back

It appears right now there there is a pretty big market pull back happening right now. So far this month the TSX is down over 700 points, the NASDAQ is down almost 1000 points and the DJI is down almost 1600 points. At this point there is a plethora of reasons as to why we…

Crypto Bubble Burst?

I have now been invested in Crypto for almost a month. It has been quite the ride so far. Just last week I was up over 50% in my Wealthsimple account and I was up over 40% in my Coinbase account. I was up in my Newton account as well but I decided to consolidate…


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