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Outsider Trading was established in 2020 as The Canadian Investor blog by Glen. Colby joined the blog shortly after that and with some discussions and mutual agreements Outsider Trading was born. The blog is mainly targeted at newer investors but any investor could potentially benefit and learn from our articles. We discuss anything from market sectors and trends themselves to individual companies and company vs company comparisons. We hope you enjoy reading.


My name is Glen and I have a beautiful wife and 2 beautiful children whom I love very much. I have a full time job in the re-manufacturing industry but I have always had a fascination for investing. I love watching movies and reading books on investing as well as doing my own personal investing.

My other hobbies include playing video games, watching sports like hockey and football and just watching general TV.Some of my favorite movies about investing are The big short, Wall Street, The Pursuit of happiness, The Inside Job, Margin Call, The China Hustle and of course the Wolf of Wall Street. Billions is of course my favorite investing TV show and in my top 5 TV shows of all time #TEAMAXE. There is also an old Canadian TV show called Traders from the 90’s but I have never had the chance to watch it.

I grew up in a small town and had a small town mentality which included being afraid of money and not understanding how to use it properly. I have since educated myself by reading as many books as I can get my hands on and researching anything that I need to know. I have also taken a course through Athabasca University about Personal Investing which I learned so much more and increased my knowledge about investing and money management. I now live a very rewarding life because I have learned how to let my money work for me.

Hey all. My name is Colby McTavish. My investing hobby began in 2013 and has since become a large part of my life. There have been a lot of learning curves and lessons along the way. In my particular case investing started out pretty succesfully for the first year quickly followed by some very poor investment decisions after that.

My goal is to hopefully help people avoid the trading mistakes that I have made in the past in order to help them make more money faster and avoid losses. I figure best case scenario a few people will become interested in trading stocks, or more interested in trading than they already were, and worst case scenario we might all get a little entertainment from my not so professional musings.

On that note. A little background info on myself. I am a second year Heavy Equipment Technician. I also have a diploma in business management from (Grant) MacEwan University. My interest in trading was first piqued while going to school, though I didn’t start trading until a few years later. My main goal in beginning to trade stocks was that I was tired of being borderline broke all the time and figured there had to be a way to make some extra money without having to have a lot of money already available.

I’ll finish off my first post with a small tidbit of advice. The majority of good investors, (Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, etc), will tell you to invest in what you know. In my case I race stock cars as a hobby and am very into cars in general so a decent amount of my current investments involve cars. Think about the things you enjoy doing and like and then start looking into stocks that sell or are involved in those things. This should give you a solid baseline to start off of rather than just guessing or going with a stock someone else recommends.

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