Colby’s First Quarter Update

The first quarter of 2021 has been interesting so far. It has gone exactly how I expected in some ways and has gone very differently in others. The EV pump due to Biden being elected has seemed to stall out already, which is much earlier than I expected it to start to fizzle out. TheContinue reading “Colby’s First Quarter Update”

Performance Goes Public (And Other News)

The biggest new in the market right now (if your into cars and an investor) is that Holley Performance Products is merging with Empower Ltd. (EMPW) and will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker HLLY. Empower is what is known as a ‘Blank Cheque’ company or SPAC (Special Purpose AcquisitionContinue reading “Performance Goes Public (And Other News)”

Boeing Takes Flight (Kind of)

It’s been two long years since they did it last, but Boeing (BA) has finally managed to pull ahead of Airbus (AIR) and beat them in monthly deliveries 26 planes to Airbus’ 21. Boeing delivered 21 737 MAX’s which is 6 less than December. It will be a big deal for Boeing if they canContinue reading “Boeing Takes Flight (Kind of)”