Colby’s Top 5 picks for 2021

So, this will be my first top 5 picks article, 2020 was interesting and very volatile which is actually a really good thing in my opinion, lots of fear and speculation in the market is a fantastic opportunity to make money, though I’m sure there are a lot of people that did not enjoy theContinue reading “Colby’s Top 5 picks for 2021”

The Electric Vehicle Bubble

Everyone knows electric vehicles are the future (along with fuel cell tech), this has created a bubble somewhat like the weed bubble we had not too long ago. People are pouring money into EV companies like Tesla (TSLA), and Nikola (NKLA). This has led to pretty much all EV companies being massively overvalued in myContinue reading “The Electric Vehicle Bubble”

The rise of Electric Vehicles(EV)

It feels strange to know that people are starting to leave behind the biggest auto manufacturers in north america (Ford(F), GM(GM), Dodge(FCAU)) and moving to a more “carbon friendly” smaller company that manufactures electric vehicles. Aside from Tesla(TSLA) the other dedicated EV manufacturers are almost like a niche market right now. It makes sense though,Continue reading “The rise of Electric Vehicles(EV)”

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