Colby’s Portfolio (As of April 6,2022)

This is a list of my current holdings and what account they are in currently. The percentage weighting of each stock may fluctuate as market prices change and I buy or sell stocks. I will probably update This page once a month or so if you want to check in and see what I have bought or sold and how the cost basis and dividends are changing.

It is a good idea to try and max out your tax sheltered accounts before you open a margin account. I did not do this when I started and probably cost myself a few thousand in taxes I would not have had to pay if the stocks were in an RRSP or TFSA.

TFSA Holdings:

Since the last update a few things have changed in my portfolio. I changed brokers and as a result I had to liquidate my positions in both Disney and Holley. Kirkland Lake Gold and Agnico-Eagle Mines completed their merger resulting in AEM becoming one of my largest holding as I own both companies prior to the merger. I also opened a position in Wajax, Big Lots, Canadian Imperial and Pennant Park.

CompanyTicker/ ExchangeProfit/LossCost BasisDividendMy YieldPercentage of Portfolio
SS&C Technologies HoldingsSSNC/NASDAQ17.37%$62.88$0.801.27%27.21%
Manulife FinancialMFC/TSE16.57%$22.88$1.325.77%12.29%
Penske Automotive GroupPAG/NYSE104.25%$45.62$1.884.12%11.96%
Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd.AEM/TSE25.90%$62.46$1.602.56%9.44%
Bank of MontrealBMO/TSE98.76%$73.63$5.327.23%7.53%
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS/TSE38.07%$63.73$4.006.28%6.79%
Visa Inc-Class AV/NYSE13.85%$192.36$1.500.78%2.99%
Wajax CorpWJX/TSE-4.92%$20.06$1.004.99%2.66%
Power Corporation of CanadaPOW/TSE14.53%%$33.51$1.985.91%1.97%
Liberty Media CorpFWONA/NASDAQ11.64%$56.19N/AN/A1.37%
Big LotsBIG/NYSE-13.46%$39.29$1.203.05%1.30%
Bird ConstructionBDT/TSE-1.20%$9.01$0.394.33%1.13%
Pennant ParkPFLT/NASDAQ4.44%$13.12$1.148.69%0.94%
Canadian Imperial Bank CM/TSE-6.14%$157.01$6.444.10%0.32%
RioCan Real Estate Investment TrustREI.UN/TSE8.69%$22.66$1.024.50%0.11%
Vitreous GlassVCI/TSXV0.00%$4.90$0.326.53%0.08%

RRSP Holdings:

In my RRSP I also closed my Holley position due to changing brokers. I also added Wajax and Big Lots. Agnico-Eagle Mines completed their merger with Kirkland and is now my 3rd biggest holding.

CompanyTicker/ ExchangeProfit/LossCost BasisDividendMy YieldPercentage of Portfolio
Agnico-Eagle Mines LtdAEM/TSE22.63%$60.84$1.602.63%16.16%
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS/TSE59.87%$55.04$4.007.27%8.49%
RioCan Real Estate Investment TrustREI.UN/TSE40.58%$17.52$1.025.82%6.92%
The Boeing CoBA/NYSE-55.09%$397.97N/AN/A6.69%
Berkshire Hathaway Inc Class BBRK-B/NYSE55.03%$222.36N/AN/A5.53%
Wajax CorpWJX/TSE-5.18%$20.11$1.004.99%4.80%
Manulife Financial CorpMFC/TSE9.93%$24.26$1.325.44%3.47%
SS&C Technologies Holdings IncSSNC/NASDAQ67.53%$44.05$0.801.82%2.76%
Big Lots IncBIG/NYSE-1.49%$34.51$1.203.48%2.54%
Vitreous Glass LtdVCI/TSXV-1.97%$5.00$0.326.40%0.70%
Bird ConstructionBDT/TSE-2.25%$9.11$0.394.28%0.15%
Kraken Robotics IncPNG/TSXV-18.92%$0.555N/AN/A0.13%

Taxable Account Holdings:

My taxable account is not currently being used.

Thanks for reading.


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