Glen’s Portfolio(April 4/22)


I have finally decided to update my portfolio for my TFSA and for my RRSP. I also talked to Colby and copied his style of table which I feel breaks the stocks down better and you can get a better visual of them. I have made quite a few changes since my last update and I plan to keep more on top of my portfolio and update it here more often. As a long term investor it doesn’t change very much so that makes this process very easy. Here is the breakdown of my 2 portfolios.


CompanyTicker/ExchangeProfit/LossAverage PriceDividendYield PercentagePortfolio Percentage
AGF Management LTD.AGF.B/TSX6.94%$7.47/CAD$0.104.46%16.97%
Beachbody Company IncBODY/NYSE-56.49%$4.98/USD6.02%
Doman Building Materials Group LTDDBM/TSX11.94%$7.03/CAD$0.147.12%34.49%
GFL Environmental IncGFL/TSX43.15%$37.09/CAD$0.010.14%9.38%
Jamieson Wellness IncJWEL/TSX-6.05%$36.77/CAD$0.151.74%9.68%
TransAlta Renewables IncRNW/TSX201.97%$17.29/CAD$0.085.10%3.01%
Saputo IncSAP/TSX-0.66%$30.03/CAD$0.182.41%8.36%
Electra-meccanica Vehicles CorpSOLO/NASDAQ54.66%$2.89/USD1.37%
Solar Alliance Energy IncorporationSOLR/TSX13%$0.11/CAD1.46%
Telus CorpT/TSX50.56%$25.62/CAD$0.333.96%6.95%
Wajax CorpWJX/TSX-0.20%$19.79/CAD$0.255.06%2.31%
  • In-Saputo, Solar Alliance, Jamieson Wellness, Doman Building Materials, Beachbody and AGF.
  • Out-BCE inc, Hewlett Packard, Vermilion Energy, and Greenlane Renewables.


CompanyTicker/ExchangeProfit/LossAverage PriceDividendYield PercentagePortfolio Percentage
BCE IncBCE/TSX22.55%$56.95/CAD$0.885.27%10.81%
Bank of Nova ScotiaBNS/TSX50.01%$59.98/CAD$0.994.52%13.32%
BTB REITBTB.UN/TSX12.60%$3.78/CAD$0.0257.63%7.65%
Canadian Imperial Bank of CommerceCM/TSX-2.26%$155.17/CAD$1.464.25%2.68%
Enbridge IncENB/TSX33.12%$43.80$0.845.90%11.88%
Great-West Lifeco IncGWO/TSX49.10%$24.52$0.445.36%10.03%
International Business Machines CorpIBM/NYSE13.61%$114.16/USD$1.645.05%15.29%
Kyndryl Holdings IncKD/NYSE-25.56%$18.26/USD0.84%
PennantPark Floating Rate Capital LTDPFLT/NASDAQ1.78%$13.38/USD$0.108.36%0.99%
Prudential Financial IncPRU/NYSE84.78%$62.90/USD$1.154.13%13.04%
AT&T IncT/NYSE-14.98%$28.21/USD$0.528.67%13.46%
  • In-Kyndryl Holdings(free shares from IBM Spinoff), CIBC, BTB and PennantPark Floating Rate Capital.
  • Out-Universal Corp.

I just want to give a little breakdown of that companies I have in my TFSA and why I hold positions in them. I am a very long term investor and I also like to hold positions that pay out a dividend and I also like to diversify my stock options. I don’t personally hold any bonds, preferred shares or warrants. I used to only have stocks that payed dividends in my TFSA but I have recently gone for more risky investments, which you can tell by the fact that i’m still holding Beachbody(BODY).

I wanted to buy Telus(T) because they haven’t recovered yet from their 2 for 1 split earlier this year. I feel that they are right now somewhat undervalued since they are the second biggest telecom in Canada and they are trading at under $25/Share. They pay a decent dividend and have great growth potential along with crazy high revenue due to the monopoly that the big telecoms have in Canada.

I wanted to get into a small investment firm which I feel had LOTS of room to grow so thats why I picked up AGF Management(AFG.B). They have been taking a bit of a downtrend for the last 10 years or so but I feel like they are making the right changes and moving the company in a positive direction. I wanted to have some sort of financial company in my TFSA and they are who I picked, their share price and P/E ratio were also very appealing.

When I added Electrameccanica Vehicles Corp(SOLO) to my portfolio I had actually already been watching them for a while. Their numbers aren’t great, they don’t pay a dividend and they are a very niche EV, even for the EV market haha. They are starting to really open up manufacturing facilities and expand their product. Also the face that they are a Canadian company peaked my interest haha.

The Main reason why I added GFL environmental Inc(GFL) is because I feel like there is not much competition in Canada when it comes to big time waste management companies. These guys just recently IPO’d this year and I feel they are still a really good price. They have lots of room to grow in the industry and its great they are in the US and Canada.

I wanted to get into a renewable company and tried to find one that had alot of upside. Transalta Renewables(RNW) was created from Transalta Gas just a few years ago and has had some ups and some downs for them. I feel like its a great transition for Transalta and it is going to be a big part of the company. I like everything about this company, they have projects on the go, they have a very nice dividend but they payout ratio is a little high for my liking. I hope that in the future Transalta Renewables and Transalta gas can just become 1 entity.

As part of my diversifying I needed to get into the food business somehow. I was watching BNN one day and they were talking about how Saputo Inc(SAP) was taking a beating in their last few earnings. I did a little research and they are actually a really well run company. Shortly after I bought them they improved my confidence in them by announcing they are shutting down 3 plants that are not very big contributors and diverting funds to update and upgrade their other facilities. That to me means they are trying to build a better business to make more money.

Since the global pandemic that started 2 years ago I felt the need to get into the health industry since people have been more concerned about their health lately. Jamieson Wellness(JWEL) was the perfect company to do that with, they offer all sorts of vitamins, minerals and supplements which people have really been using more of. I also looked into our medicine cabinet and found multiple bottles in there(including my daily multi-vitamin) and figured why not invest in what I use?

Wajac Corp(WJX) was a different take for me personally. They are into the equipment rental business and do a big part of their work with the oil and gas industry. But the thing that got me into them is their warehouse side of business. Right now with Amazon, Alibaba and Shopify growing at break neck speeds I feel that the warehouse sector is booming and these guys have the equipment side of that locked down. Seems like those rentals are starting to pay off.

Doman Building Materials(DBM) was a no brainer for me. They just finished joining forces with another huge building materials company and the federal government announced as part of their platform that they want to add 1.5 million new houses(i’m not holding my breath though). I feel though that there are so many new houses and so much new construction happening lately and its hard not to want to take advantage of that since their products are new housing construction materials and renovation materials.

I had Solar Alliance(SOLR) a long time ago when I was using Qtrade but they were not on wealthsimple yet. I had to sell them and made a nice big profit, they are just a penny stock but they would really jump on good news so I was mostly just swing trading them at the time. Now they are actually having some success in the solar industry and decided to take another position with them and hold them for a while.

I will admit, Beachbody(BODY) was my attempt to get into all the crazy IPO’s of last year. I personally use their platform and their workouts and I feel like they are great. They have gone to a streaming service and I looked at how all the TV/movie streaming services have been killing it lately so why would they right? Boy was I wrong, here I am now just holding the bag waiting to see if they bounce back, maybe one day…

As far as my RRSP goes they are all self explanatory. I hold them all because they have consistent growth, pay out a consistent dividend and raise their dividend pretty much annually. They are all pretty very safe investments with minimal risk but more reward than if I were to invest in an ETF or mutual fund. I don’t sell stocks in there very often, if even at all. I always reinvest the dividends that I get in there and contribute to it bi-weekly.


That is all for today and remember everyone, invest in yourself first.

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