Educational Tools

Here I have compiled a list of very important tools that will help any beginner or veteran investor. This list consists of search engines, screeners/apps, trading platforms, investors/books and podcasts. There are also plenty more out there but this should be enough to help any beginner investor get started.


Search Engines

  • Investopedia– This is probably the absolute best for beginners. You can search out any term or words you need to learn to help you with investing. You will probably use it a lot when you first start out.
  • Sedar- This is going to help you with learning the financial statements and filings of companies. Anything a company reports will be on
  • Zach’s Investment research- This is a great tool to look up what you need to know about any publicly listed company. A lot of great information is on this site.
  • BNN Bloomberg– BNN Bloomberg is a great site for breaking and up to date news on companies and politics. It also have real time TSX/TSX-V/CSE quotes which is very helpful since almost no other screener or site does.
  • Yahoo Finance- Yahoo finance is also a great site for world news on companies and politics. It is also great for researching companies as it has lots of information and good screeners.


  • Webull-(Glen and Colbys personal favorite)It does give live updates of US listed stocks but it does NOT do live updates of Canadian listed stocks, there is a 15 minute delay. I also use it for the wealth of information that they have and the details they give with their charts, news and updates. There is an app as well as a desktop feature. Their ability to trade is not available in Canada as of yet.
  • BNN Bloomberg-(Glens second favorite, Colby finds their articles annoyingly biased)It does give live updates of Canadian stocks but it does NOT do live updates of US listed stocks, there is a 15 minute delay. BNN bloomberg is also great for Canadian news and information. There is an app as well as a desktop feature and is also a TV channel(I watch it every trading day).
  • does give live updates of US stocks but it does NOT do live updates of Canadian stocks. There is an app as well as a desktop feature.
  • Marketwatch-Marketwatch has a screener but I personally use it more for news updates and articles.
  • Seeking Alpha-I use seeking alpha for information and news only and I also take everything that is written with a grain of salt. As you become a more knowledgeable investor you will learn who to listen to and who to avoid.

Trading platforms

Here is a list of trading platforms available to Canadians. Wealthsimple is currently the only free trading platform in Canada(which is why I switched to them).

  • Wealthsimple(This is who Glen uses)
  • Qtrade(Glen used to use but switched because of their comission fees)
  • BMO investorline
  • CIBC investors edge
  • RBC direct investing
  • Scotia Itrade
  • TD direct investing
  • Interactive brokers
  • Virtual brokers (Colby uses this Broker since 2016)
  • Questrade
  • Desjardins online brokerage
  • HSBC investdirect
  • EToro (No longer available in Canada)(Who Colby used to use)


I have read alot of books from some very successful investors. My personal favorites(and the go to of all long term investors) are:

  • Peter Lynch-Beating the street, One up on wallstreet and Learn to earn.
  • Benjamin Graham-The intelligent investor(The long term investing bible)(Also super dry to read so be prepared mentally…)
  • Warren Buffett-The Warren Buffett way, The essays of Warren Buffett
  • Robert Kiyosaki-Rich dad poor dad, Rich dads guide to investing
  • Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt-Freakonomics
  • Tony Robbins-Awaken the giant within, Giant Steps


  • The Korelin Economics Report
  • The Maple Money Show
  • Planet Microcap
  • Planet Money
  • The Rich Dad Radio Show
  • Mad Money w/ Jim Cramer
  • Mo’ Money Podcast
  • Freakonomics Radio

Disclaimer: Colby does not listen to podcasts.

I know that this is only really just scratching the surface but this is what I have started out with and it is what has helped me on the path to becoming a successful investor.

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