IBM and their Spin-Off

IBM(IBM)($127.79USD/Share) this week announced that they will be splitting into 2 separate public companies. This is amazing news for investors because it means that they are going to be focusing on cloud computing and artificial intelligence. This is being made possible through their purchase of the company Red Hat in July of 2019 for $34Continue reading “IBM and their Spin-Off”

Video Game Wars

Microsoft(MSFT) has decided to start off the new console releases with a boom. They announced the purchase of ZeniMax, the company that has brought such big titles such as Doom, Fallout and The Elder Scrolls. The biggest question is though, what does this mean for Sony(SNE)? Sony is currently the biggest console manufacturer and theContinue reading “Video Game Wars”

The more Social, The more Media

It should be pretty obvious that now more then ever we need to be connected. Last weekend Microsoft(MSFT) announced that they could potentially acquire Tik Tok, a “new” social media app for the younger crowd. Do they really need to do that though? They already own Linkedin which is a much more professional and “older”Continue reading “The more Social, The more Media”